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"Going back to a simpler life is not a step backward." - Yvon Chouinard

You can see in the pictures what Mika and Rain looked like before we started homesteading and learned how to transform our bodies and mindsets via homesteading, healthy living and eating habits, and living in a simpler and more natural world. What you can’t see in those pictures is how hard it was, how much confidence it took, and all the struggles we went through trying to carve our own path to a healthier and happier life. It made us so much stronger, but we know now it didn’t have to be that way.

So these days, we open our homestead to share space and stories. We strive to make it a comfortable space for all sorts of different folks to feel welcome and embraced here.

Open season 2017: February 15th to November 15th. To arrange a visit or to arrange a consultation, please contact rain@eightowlsfarmstead.com

We are located in Rosman, North Carolina in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Yet, Please note: You have to have an appointment to visit the farm. This is our business–but also home to us and our staff. You can make an appointment to visit the farm by calling 828-884-OWLS

Homesteading Immersions for women If you really want to get to experience our real homestead life, an immersion might be just the thing for you. In 2017, Rain will continue to host 2–10 day immersions one on one or for groups of up to four at a time. What this entails is a chance to unplug, retreat, spend some time on the homstead, get a tour and a chance to see how we are set up here, eat some seriously tasty food from the farm and of course - get plenty of time to ask us questions about our farm life, permaculture, natural farming, and how we made the transistion into this lifestyle.

The suggested donation for immersions is $80-160 a day per person*. (Pay what you can afford + what the experience is worth to you) *If finances are a big issue for you, please tell us that and we will see what we can do for you. We certainly don't want lack of funds to keep you from contacting us to see what we could work out!

Land consultations Mika is now offering the service of coming to your homesead and talking permaculture, natural farming, foraging, and native plants. So if you are into no till methods, terracing, not weeding and eating the weeds instead - shoot this amazing lady an email for details!

One on One or Online Homesteading Consultations Rain hosts consultations on the farm one on one for folks that want to spend a day on site learning about how we turned a foreclosure into a farm and lost a collective 225 pounds doing it! One on ones are offered on a sliding scale of $50-100 per half day. She is also now offering online consults with folks from afar that want to transition into homesteading via Skype or FaceTime. This online service is offered on a sliding scale of $50-80 an hour and can be paid via Paypal or wire transfer. (You can read a customer review below)

Living at Eight Owls Farm We get asked pretty often about if there is an option to live on our farm. We do not plan to have other people live here at this time. Our hope is to give you an experience here that inspire you to homestead, permaculture farm, and forage where you already are! We are part of an intentional neighborhood, not an intentional community and we do not aspire to be one. Even though we have in the past, we are not hosting live-in work traders or interns in 2017.

Details on experiences at Eight Owls Farmstead

Visits are arranged on a suggested donation basis. If you feel inclined to donate more than what we suggest, we will certainly accept it! We are only able to keep our costs low and accept work trades because we occasionally have donors that give a bit more to our greater vision. If a farm visitor would like to make a donation of over $350, please ask us for information on making your donation through our sister non-profit. 100% of your donation still goes to our farm, but you gain the benefits of having donated to a non-profit. We truly hope that people will donate an amount that reflects what the experience they got here was worth to them whenever possible. If you cannot afford the suggested donation, never fear, work trade opportunities are available! If you would like to apply for work trade for an experience, you must alert us to that in advance.

Occasionally we host outside instructors who do not live on the farm. They may have workshops and/or events do sometimes have a cost–but we only host instructors willing to keep their cost per student affordable and attainable for all. Because we have a small space, limited parking and because we also live here, we can only host a certain number of people on our farm a year. For this reason, immersions on our farm require an application and acceptance to be participated in. Volunteer days and farm tours require you to get put on the list for the date you would like to visit.

We totally welcome you taking pictures, videos, or tagging us on social media!

Online consultation with Rain customer review:

“I contacted Rain on a whim after reading her blog Kicking 150 Pounds of Anxiety and Depression through Farming blog on the website Women Who Farm while sitting behind a computer screen at my 9 – 5 job in a suburb just outside of Toronto. I read ‘inspiring’ blogs all the time, but for some reason, this one spoke to me more than the rest. I have never contacted anyone like this before but I just decided to go for it and shoot her an email to find out a little more info about how her and Mika actually managed to jump into this homesteading life with no experience and land on both feet. I told her half my life story (which basically explained that I am struggling just like she wrote she had been six years ago) and she got back to me within hours in a way that I would only expect a good friend to do. While it would be a first for both us of, she suggested we get in touch via Facetime or Skype so that she can help me get a better idea of how it really can be done. A consultation. To learn that I too can jump into an entrepreneurial lifestyle and kick start a farm with minimal funds, a lot of hard work, faith and determination. We basically sat down to tea with each other from opposite sides of North America. I came out of it with a renewed sense of purpose and a new sense of excitement to get a plan going instead of just complaining over and over again that the life I am living isn’t for me. It was the little kick in the butt that I needed to start following my instincts. I would highly recommend anyone who has been thinking about making a big change in life – particularly in the direction of farming or homesteading – to take the time to sit down and chat with this ladyboss.” –DANI ALEXANDRA FROM TORONTO, CANADA - January 2017

Immersion guest reviews: 

“We arrived at 8 Owls Farmstead on Saturday evening and discovered that our first homesteading challenge was carrying our luggage up the quarter mile long driveway to their house. Thankfully, Rain didn’t make us tough it alone and grabbed some bags! When we arrived at their house we were welcomed by a committee of friends and animals. We chatted for the next few hours about our ideas and goals and what brought us to the decision to start our homestead. They listened intently as we delved into our story. They talked about how they got started and were very open and honest about the challenges they incurred. We talked about what the next week would be like and what would be expected of us. Over the next few days we washed dishes, split wood, planted seeds, learned about the animals and got a small glimpse of what like would be like if we, too lived like this. Rain and Mika showed us all aspects of everything; from the, “what to do”‘s along with the, “what not to do”‘s. They would educate and work us and then give us much needed time to discuss how we felt with each other as we realized that our original plans needed some heavy modifications. They were patient and non-judgmental as we slowly began to realize that things would not be as easy as we had envisioned. They shared their knowledge, experiences and community with us – introducing us to their friends who also homestead so we could see that there was not just one “right” way to do it. They allowed us to ask seemingly endless questions, and answered them all as best as they could while explaining the why’s and why not’s, as well as provided us with countless resources. They really listened to all of our ideas and expectations and tailored our immersion in such a way that would benefit us the most. They wanted to help us achieve our dream the way WE envisioned it. We arrived at their homestead not knowing what to expect and we left with more than we could have ever imagined! We got back to New Hampshire with more realistic expectations on how to proceed. We felt slightly frustrated at the thought of slowing down, yet at the same time more confident that this dream is possible! We still have a long way to go, but we no longer feel like we have to do it alone. We truly feel like we have support and resources now to where we can refer when we need guidance. THANKS Rain & Mika! We couldn’t have dreamed of a better immersion!” Five Stars ***** Sincerely, M&M’s Hiker Homestead (soon to be)



"Eight Owls taught me to be a thinker, a leader, and that I am stronger than I thought! With collaborative work ethic and effort, dedication to a goal, and positive "FAFing" we accomplished a tremendous amount! It got tough and I got discouraged sometime and we had to learn together how to be in community but it was all worth it! We did natural building, basic carpentry, animal husbandry, gardening, growing, and deep thinking. These women are an inspiration to me and they left an impression on my life and my sense of self that will forever stay. I recommend time with them to anyone willing to open up their heart and get their hands dirty. Especially women who want to really get to know themselves and figure out what they are made of! I can't wait to visit and split a couple logs!" –Angie, Staff 2015 (picture above)


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