Growing the owl’s nest

WooHaaa, it’s been like pulling teeth for this farmer this year, as I’ve tried to keep my big mouth SHUT. About what we have been up to since the beginning of 2016, our next big leap.  Being the one that really just likes to dive in and swim, It was so darn hard to go slow on this one. Lay bricks for the pool, get some education via a lot of teachers, practice a ton, and then walk down to the end of the diving board. Now, that I’m springing up and down getting air–getting ready to take the plunge on January one… it’s time to give you fine folks that already follow us a sneak peek.

goat-workshop-class-2014 Goat workshop fall 2014

When I dove in in 2013 and started teaching out here, I loved it. It felt so good to share hard won information. I love spending time with people and seeing them get inspired by our stories, big smiles, and lack of being scared of telling homesteading truths. Yet, every passing year–it got more complicated. Logistically + legally, it’s kind of a nightmare to host certain kinds of homesteading education. The insurance cost is pretty insane. Our space is small. Our road is steep, scrappy, and really loves you to have 4×4. This place is also our home and we do truly love having our privacy often too. A lot of what the forager wants to share, just ain’t even allowed. Certain various officials have a tendency to get all squirrelly when you start talking about handing small children bows and arrows. Or showing women wild ways. Or taking college students out in our forests foraging. Lord help you and your business if you try putting ladies up on a roof with a hammer in their hand. With good reason, we totally get it. Our homesteader’s life is not for the faint of heart. It can be dangerous. There are a lot of licenses, legalities, and hoops to jump through. Homestead life, it’s hard. There’s a ton to it. And there are literally a million ways to hurt yourself, and that’s just the homestead truth.


Two ladies from our intentional neighborhood here atop Panther Mountain, roofing the new outdoor kitchen at Eight Owls. Never fear, no homesteaders were harmed in the roofing of this kitchen! 

Over the course of 2015, we looked to see if we could get involved with another school, or another farm. Anywhere we could work, teach, and bring our marketing skills to the table–besides our home. Yet, never found anywhere that was just the right fit for us. It’s because we love working together and we love working right here. So, at the beginning of 2016–we came up with a question. What if we could teach right here on the farm… but in a totally different way? What if… we just put our stories, education, and experiences online instead? E-learning, homestead stylie. We talked about it for about six months. Practiced how we would do it for the last six months. Got two permaculture design courses, more workshops, immersions, and online summits under our belts. We know a few other homesteading couples that we just love, of varying experience levels, homesteading situations, and businesses of their own. We hope to start sharing and promoting the content they are already creating right alongside our own. We came up with the mother of all challenges for ourselves to share (stay tuned on January 1 when this puppy gets released!). And now, it’s almost time–to see if these owls can take flight online by writing stories and making videos to share.


So, we have an end of year favor to ask–and that is for your continued support in 2017. If we are going to reach those new heights, we are going to need your help family and friends. We would be incredibly grateful to get it. Check out the updated website about what we have going on here next season + sign up for our newsletters. Subscribe to our new youtube channel. Share our content on Facebook and InstagramSign up to get our blog posts straight to your inbox–forward them to your friends. Tell your tribe about who these owls are and what they do. 

We have got two amazing sponsors for 2017, and are looking for more! If your business is focused on organics, education, medicinals, health, art, farming, wild food, medicine, building, home repair or remodeling, or supporting our community and you want to get some serious promotion from a couple of owls online… Email us for sponsorship details.

A HUGE thanks to our farm’s first two supporters for 2017:


Through the Woods Natural Health in Brevard NC. Through the Woods Natural Health is the practice of naturopathic doctors Glenn and Marty Ingram. They have a passion for helping people follow nature’s wisdom to restore their health and vitality through lifestyle, nutrition, herbal medicine, and homeopathy.

Sow True Seed in Asheville NC. Sow True Seed provides open-pollinated, heirloom and organic vegetable, herb, and flower seeds to enthusiastic home gardeners and small market farmers.

They sure are big ol’ friends of this farm!!


And of course, we have a couple of our goofy practice videos up already if you want to check them out. The Forager’s first ever shared video and the farmer’s first try to double the function of her daily run by stopping to record a video during one!

We are so incredibly grateful for our journey thus far and ESPECIALLY grateful for all of you that already follow and support us in such amazing ways. With your time, your resources, your tools, books, sharing, comments and amazing questions. We can’t wait to see what grows! Big love from the ladies of eight owls farmstead to you and yours,

-the farmer


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