I have a new blog! realhomesteadlife.com

Hello from the owl’s nest to anyone who is still checking on this old blog…. guess what? I have a new one! I wanted to go back and leave a post on this one for the next few months until it goes to the land of away on Feb 28 2021. My new blog site is realhomesteadlife.com and it’s short stories and videos of what this experience has really been like here for me at Eight Owls over the last eight years. From experiences I’ve had within myself, on my homestead, with nature, with my health, with permaculture, with organic farming… it’s a little bit of everything that I love rolled into one sweet new website. I also have big plans to interview other homesteaders and farmers I know that are willing to speak honestly on this subject too. It’s going to get super real! And it’s not all cute, simple, and preaching about how easy this lifestyle is… because that sure ain’t the experience I had with it! However, I’m still doing it, still crazy about it, and this homesteading thing… it sure is the only life for me!

So, I’ll keep this short here – and just say, check it out if you want to find out what real homestead life is like for this homesteader!

Big love from my homestead to yours,


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